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Roadtrip: Birmingham to Cardiff

It seems like a long time ago now, but it's only been a couple of months since I decided to cycle to Wales. It was a goal I had set in the early months of Lockdown and was brought about by the desire to reach my daughter Poppy for her birthday. Pops had moved back to Cardiff in February to start a new job, but with Covid in the mix, this meant that I wasn't able to reach her or see her for months and I missed her so much, riding to Wales seemed like a reasonable effort to make. The idea of sneaking over the mountains by bike if we weren't allowed to travel, was a good way to focus my energy and direct my fitness goals during those early months. As the set-off date came closer it also seemed a long enough distance to raise some funds for Macmillan Cancer too, as part of their 'Ride Your Way' campaign. A few months planning routes and finding places to stay, it got me out of the house for regular training rides and made me rummage through my long distance running gear

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