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Walking in the Woods and the Indoor Relay

This week has seen the first stage of movement changing in England with a purposefully confused update from the Prime Minister. However you wanted to take the advice, it's not the end of the lockdown by any means, but it did feel slightly easier to consider meeting up with a friend for a social distanced catch up. So after a long walk with the dog on Monday, the sun was out on Tuesday morning and my old school friend Maz and I met for a walk in the woods, where we had once trekked, biked or sledged in younger years. I think it's been 30 years since we last ventured down there together, most likely for the end of school p*ss up that traditionally blessed all exiting Leasowes High School students.
I am still pretty anxious about being out, primarily as I am super paranoid about being unaware of having symptoms and passing on anything to anyone. We had tried to meet last week, but I had bailed due to getting a scratchy throat following 2-3 days of deliveries to my house. This we…

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