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Jars of Goodness and Kick Starting the Training

It's that time of year.. a lot of folks are on the dieting abstinence thing and feeling the squeeze after the annual seasonal gluttony.. I'm no different, but this year I'm trying to cut weight in a sensible way, by actually eating the correct stuff and trying to get rid of the extra pounds put on from missing training and eating way too many chocolates.
In 2017 I began to study sports nutrition, to help me get ready for the endurance events. I quickly learned that if you're doing a lot of events and mileage, you have to eat the right food. Even still I am a normal human being and have done the usual festive forgetfulness of all things good for me, so I'm starting again from scratch. My first session back with Chasing Lights this year, was tough and it wasn't helped by carrying all the extra pounds from the slow mo xmas show. 
It's time to get real and sort my shit out.
So this week I've been going back to basics and measuring my food, cutting back on …

Tunnel Vision - Pressures Imposed and Discarded

For the first time in ages, I entered the New Year in a good place and managed to crank out a few long training runs and walks before turning into 2018. Over the last two years I have used the Christmas holiday to plan out my year of events, to give myself a plan to focus on, to keep me on the right path, throughout the winter season. 
Initially I booked Paris Marathon last April, to force me to keep running all winter and to keep my head in the right place. In order to make my path more sustainable I kept adding events and each year  since I started running, I quickly made a long list of multiple 10k, Half Marathons, bike rides and Marathons. But with sponsorship also came the pressure to keep running, pushing beyond the injuries and often surpassing all plans for sensible mileage. This year I am aiming to try a different tactic, off-loading the pressure to see how well I cope with just running for myself.
As a MIND fundraiser, last January I tried to undertake the R.E.D January cha…