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Back on the Road - Slow but sure

It's been 10 weeks since 'that crash' and I'm feeling a gazillion times better. This week I got back on my bike to commute to work on 2 days and I've had a couple of long walks to work. It's been a slow but sure road to recovery and I'm still learning loads in the process. 
I was due to be riding at Birmingham Velothon this Sunday and whilst I am a bit gutted to be missing it, I'm also pretty cool about not spending my day hurling myself around the West Midlands countryside. It just seems a bit much right now and I don't feel ashamed to admit it.
Today was a last chance to get some confidence back and to ensure I was going to be fit enough to participate in Birmingham Half Marathon next month. Of all the events I had to cancel, my entry to Birmingham Marathon was bugging me the most. Last year I had ended a series of 10k events with Birmingham Half, as the finale to prove my ability to get my shit together. It was previously the furthest I had ever…