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TRIBE: Run For Love

On July 10th I began the Stage 3 section of the TRIBE: Run for Love, a 2000km duathlon which started in Sarajevo and ended back in the UK, for which I would be joining the team for approximately 660miles of cycling. Having spent the year running, cycling and knocking out my first marathons, I felt fitter than I could remember on this side of my 20's.. until the ride began.
Sometimes I am guilty of feeling I am able to take on challenges, with a reasonable idea of the task to be completed, but maybe not entirely understanding the enormity of the actual task. This is usually my game plan for any running race - I never check the route before setting off.. once I have an idea of the distance between landmarks, my head spins off on negativity and tries to talk me out of every step down the road. I used to apply this to all events, but a surprise trail run for a half marathon at least changed my tactic to anything off road.
This wasn't going to be possible to handle the same way th…