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Fresh Start.. New Kicks.. New Tricks

Just after my bike accident in 2017, I had a month off work recovering from concussion and dizzy spells, but had loads of time on my hands for researching fitness instructor training while I completed a handful of online nutrition courses. I signed up to begin training as a PT, but life, work and other beasts got in the way.. until February of this year, when I got a call from the training company, wanting to ensure I completed the course.
So for the past 4 weeks, I have been spending my weekends in South Quay, Canary Wharf, back in a classroom with a group of 10 other would be PT's each working through Anatomy, Principles of Fitness and learning how to build programmes of workouts. It's been hard work but its been a wonderful thing to learn, as well as hanging out with such a good bunch of people.
I arrived on my first day, about 20 years older than most of the class, a lot wider, a lot less fit.. We did a practical session at the end of 1st morning and ashamedly I was asked…

Cold Chillin - Moving North Around Tromsø

So January came to an end and I managed to complete the RED January task of movement, on every day that I wasn't on a plane. That being said, I had a lot of travel in January and it was great to be able to see some sun and palm trees for a couple of weeks, while working away, but I am super tired.
Already in the diary from last year was an artic adventure with my daughter Poppy. I have been trying to get her excited about an adventure holiday for a while, but ended up having to get the big guys in and persuade her via the medium of 300 huskies.. Puppies and everything!
So my 2nd booking with Much Better Adventures, who totally came up with the good stuff once more. We were booked into their Aurora Camping and Husky Sleigh Riding experiences in Tromsø Norway, a destination that is the highest north I have ever travelled to. We arrived on the Friday evening to a heady -13C and quickly remembered, we were in the Arctic, so it was likely that we were gonna have to glove, hat, boot it…

New Year - Old Resolutions

New Year - Old Resolutions

Its been a while.... most likely as I've not done much activity to write about. Over a 6 month period I went from being pretty active to very sedate and my waistline and general health have suffered pretty badly as a consequence. The middle of 2018 went a bit crazy with my day job and I had to reprioritise a few bits of life to retain my sanity.I got up for work each day, sat behind my desk, did a lot of long haul travel and lost my social and active life in the process. I am pleased to say that everything went well on the career front, but it became increasingly evident that I can't keep up the habits obtained on the journey.

I had been managing my stress levels by trying to cram in as much sleep as possible around some long hours of desk time. The end result was that the job got done, I didn't lose the plot, but unfortunately all was not well in other areas of life. The overall outcome has made me eager to make some changes following the holidays…