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The Art of Distractions

I'm going through my week a bit blinded by the foggy glaze in my head, as I have been working hard, completing my training, but a couple of things keep cropping up and making me think I should work through them too..

1. I'm always stupid busy  The amount of times I've been over this year's event list and reviewed what can be packed into it, is ridiculous. Though it's not until I have to do something important like applying for Sport Medical insurance for the bigger events, that the full scale of my mileage is put into context. Today I figured I should pay for my medical once, then get it applied to each event. Somehow telling a doctor that you will be cycling around 1000 miles by the end of the year and running multiple marathons, no longer feels feisty and challenging... It just makes me look down right ill! So rightly or wrongly I elected to omit talking to him about my mental health on this occasion. It seemed pretty evident already that I wasn't quite right, …

Big Mileage - Small Events - Giant Smiles

The racing calendar for the year has been filling up and I've now got 10 events booked, to keep me out of trouble, to fill the mind with smiles. It also needs planning so I can work out my fundraising for the year, get my training program planned and work out the finance for getting to all these places.
Though its great to have a couple of big things to aim for, I've been getting less and less impressed by the BIG events, particularly those charging big fees, to run inside a huge sea of people. I find the bigger events really mentally challenging and my anxiety levels often leave me more freaked out in a race of thousands, than I do in a far smaller event.
So to start the year off, I headed to Saltaire at the end of January, to complete a Half Marathon along the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. The organisers 'Its Grim Up North Running' were amazing and really knew how to look after us all. With true northern spirit the weather had lashed down overnight and the tow path was …

Adventures in Girona: Winter Training Camp

It's taken a while to come down from the buzz of this camp, to try to put into words the boost which the experience has given me. To be fair, its probably gonna take a while longer for it all to sink in still, but I'll try to give you a slice of how it went, to tide you over until I have got my head back into gear and worked my way through all the footage.

In January, I was totally lucked out, to be given the opportunity to join the Adventure Syndicate ladies, in Spain for a week long Winter Training Camp, with Lee Craigie, Emily Chappell and coach John Hampshire, within the grounds of Girona Cycling. As well as being led by this incredible team, the group of ladies participating alongside me, were a force to be reckoned with.

Do you ever sign up for something, with anticipation that its going to be pretty cool, only to find that you have by some strange fate, found yourself in the middle of a complete game changer? This was my initial thought on day one and over the course o…