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Adventure Syndicate Winter Training Get Together 2018

Those ladies are back and they are waiting to show you how it's going down out there.. Adventure Syndicate are teaming up, once again with Girona Cycling and John Hampshire Coaching, to get you prepared for your two wheeled adventures.
I joined them in January 2017, for an absolute eye opener, into the world of women's cycling, that I had really underestimated and had very little idea about. The women on the camp were all a variety of ages and experience, but their common love of cycling was already taking them all over the globe to take on some really tough races and courses.
I felt empowered and inspired when I returned from the camp. It has really helped me tackle so many other events and issues over the year. The confidence boost it gave me for persisting through the tough days, was phenomenal, so its with supreme shame that its taken me 11 months to complete the video I set out to produce for them.
My earlier post can be seen here but really there's nothing like taki…

Tribe IOW Coastal Trail Ultra

This weekend I joined the TRIBE for their trip to the Isle of Wight, for a 2 day Ultra, crossing the island from Ryde Pier to Yarmouth. The team were gathering together runners who would set out on a route along the coastal path, with the main mileage covered on Saturday, 26 miles and a breezy 13 miler on Sunday before heading home; full up of sea air and the magic runner vibes.
I signed up to this a couple of months back, but following the dizziness I encountered in Birmingham Half, I was really unsure of my ability to complete the route. As a result I'd been planning on taking the trip with the team, but taking my bike and just having a tootle around the island. Seemed like a great idea at the time - as they always do - but this past week I had been getting the fear about getting stuck / hit / all the many things that can go wrong on a solo mission on two wheels.
I've run with the TRIBE a few times before, but there's a clear difference between our paces, so I knew that…

The Waiting Game - Back in the Mountains

The mountains.. the space at the top of the land and on the edge of the sky. A place I love to spend time in, but most years rarely get the chance to get anywhere near. But 2018 will see a change in my priorities with running and though I have less events in the diary, I have a few chances to go and spend a bit of time in my idea of heaven.
heaven ˈhɛv(ə)n noun - literary the sky, especially perceived as a vault in which the sun, moon, stars, and planets are situated. "Galileo used a telescope to observe the heavens"
the sky, the skies, the upper atmosphere, the stratosphere; 
There's loads of reasons why I run, but essentially I love being outdoors and feeling the freedom of the air on my face. Last year I made the decision to walk the majority of the Race to the Towers route, as I knew it was the only way to complete it without injuries, and I was really enjoying being out walking in the wide open space. So this year I have decided to rethink the events I want to complete, pi…