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Back in the Saddle - Time on Wheels

Its been a long time since I dedicated my time to two wheels, as the last few months have been all about time on feet, crunching miles for runs and resting ready for Paris. I have a few months now until my next marathon and the not so small matter of two charity rides to complete in July.
The first is the 3rd TRIBE stage - a 6 day ride from Munich back to the UK, followed by the PRU100 at the end of July.. but these are just the excuse I need to get out on my bike as often as possible and to geek out on some new kit. So yesterday was a bike ride to Greenwich to catch up with friends and a chance to test out my new Garmin Edge 820. It's great to be able to learn to trust the unit and not rely on my phone for the journey, particularly as it will be my daily guide, later in the year.
Obviously sampling doughnuts was a necessary part of the day and one I remembered as a major bonus in cycle training.. I can now keep riding out to destinations, for vital cake and tea rations and with …

Paris in the bag - Getting to the other side

I've been trying to come down from a new found level of calm for the past two days, but Sunday seems like an age away already. The weekend was steaming hot and mostly very chilled out, apart from 6 hours in the Parisienne sunshine, completing my first marathon of the year, and of my life. I'm not gonna profess to knowing everything now, but I had a lot of time to work through my head while on that road and I thought I could at least share a few moments.
There's loads of things people try to describe about marathon running.. the sore bits.. the wall.. the zen like state pondering the world. I had read up on how to counteract the sore bits, by applying the vaseline, my blisters have not been present since February, as my feet have finally toughened up - I think I did as much training as I could squeeze in and I felt ready to tackle it
I arrived in my starting pen really early, so the crowd could build around me. I don't get on with big events very well usually, but I…