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It's a wrap - 2017 Events Complete

It's been an amazing year, which at times seemed like all finish lines were out of sight, but I am really happy to say that last week I completed my last race of the year, Birmingham Half Marathon.
Which means that I have also rounded up my fundraising and managed to just tip the edge over my target of £1000 for Mind, the mental health charity. I'm so grateful for all the sponsorship from everyone, as well as the good vibes and support from friends, all RDC and CLC communities, Vicky Stapleton-Wale for mileage advice - and also my family. 
Mum, Poppy and Dad came along to wave me into the finish in Birmingham, which generated this 'smile', before I cried my eyes out on the finish line. With true Brummie love, the marshals ushered me into the arms of another runner, dressed as Wonder Woman, who turned the tears straight back into giggles. It was a major personal challenge to complete this one, and I'm pleased I did the thing.
This last race was just 13 weeks after …