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Paris.. and other Bright ideas

In June 2016 I had been running for about 4 months. I was getting better both mentally and physically and I knew this was due to the amount of running I had been pushing myself to complete.. I had completed my 1st race in 7 years, the Greenwich Park 10km and I was just putting together my list of events for 2016.. 
I guess it was either runner's high or purely a cycle of hyperactivity that put me in this position, but I remember acknowledging how much better I was coping with the world, with my renewed ability to mentally file my problems. I started to worry that I wouldn't be able to sustain the running, if I didn't set bigger goals to aim for or have a plan that would make me train all winter. 
I was starting to plan longer term again - Believing I would make it that far, was in itself a major turning point. At my worst point, I struggled to get through a day, the ability to see the end of the week was unknown. So by the time I saw my counsellor, I had reached for the s…