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Race to the Tower 2017

I've been putting off writing this one, as its probably the most humungous challenge I've done to date, so the full range of emotions getting past it have been a bit overwhelming. 
This was the inaugural Race to the Towers event along the Cotswolds Way and similar to the Race to the Stones and Kings, I knew it was going to be tough. However, I am no geographer and had no concept of how the looped contours of the map would translate into actual hills. My reason for doing this run was more of a training exercise than a desire to hit it hard, and after 6 weeks recovering from an achilles injury, I hadn't been able to run for a while.
So unsure of how hard it would be, I was honestly planning to drive to the finish line after work on Friday night, get to a B&B then wake up at 5am, to get the shuttle bus to the start, race for two days, then drive home to London straight after. I have vastly underestimated how pooped out I am going to be at this stage.
Thank f**k my dad ca…

The Need to See the Sea

Sometimes I think up sound ideas. then other times they're a bit less sensible, but once I'm on my way, there's little chance of stopping me from trying to complete it.
Saturday morning, I decided to ride from Stratford to Clacton on Sea (approx. 75 miles). I put out the idea to a few folks, but found myself at the meeting point alone, with two choices.. either give up and go home, or give it a try. I've had a tough week, needed some fresh air and had prepped myself up for a long ride and packed the right stuff.
80km was the furthest I had ridden to date with the group in Girona. Most of these miles had been tackled alongside coach and hero John Hampshire.. So 120km was going to be a little bit of a challenge. My training plan for the PRU at the end of July, has been winking at me from the calendar for many weeks now and I had missed my chance to complete this distance so far, so it was weighing me down.
I am also getting a bit worried about the TRIBE ride in July whi…