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Moving in New Directions - Don't Look Down

Over the past couple of months I have been getting used to a lot of change at home. My daughter Poppy has moved into her own flat and my time has been spent on moving flats (yes multiple - it's a long and boring story). My role as every day mum and my household responsibilities have changed and I'll be happy to admit, I'm finding it a bit weird and strange.
So its been a perfect time to try a few other new things out. Bouldering being the first one - I tried this on the first Monday evening after I started my new flat share. The flat share in itself was all new - I've not been in a flat or house share since I was 23 (F**k that is actually 20 years ago!!) so learning to live with another person who isn't family, a partner or a friend, all brings changes too.. but its working out pretty cool.
So aside from the change in accommodation - how did I get to the Wall? 
Run Dem Crew have collaborated with Hackney Wick Bouldering Project, to set up 3 sessions of Bouldering,…

Cheer Dem - Run Dem - Crew Dem

Its been about 2-3 years since I made the life changing decision to try to meet up with running crews in London. Initially I was too scared to approach any of them, as I thought my slow pace and non-athletic figure would make my introduction the most anxious horrific experience ev-vah.. Slowly I have found myself fully accepted in the belly of the beast of both Run Dem Crew and Chasing Lights Collective. And what an enormous belly of love I have found.
This year was my 2nd chance to help with Cheer Dem duties at London Marathon and I was given the full pressure of ensuring the road for our cheer zone ahead of Mile 21, was as colourful and as welcoming as possible. A task that I would have assumed to be way out of my league, if asked previously. With a few cans of chalk spray, plus some encouragement from Charlie and Sanchia, the road was closed, our stencils went down and our colours went up.. All early morning crew pounced, with placards, banners, big heads and our cheer zone became…