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R.E.D. January 2017

To kick the year off with good vibes, I continued running for Mind to raise awareness and support recovery from mental health issues. Throughout January 2017 I cycled 291km, ran 116km and walked 71km, ending the month with the Sir Titus Trot, half marathon in Saltaire. The run was along the Leeds to Liverpool canal on January 28th, and despite the mud and rain helped end the month in good style. 
This is one of a series of events I will be undertaking over 2017 to help others to access support to overcome mental health issues. Thanks for taking the time to check out my progress with events and your continued support.. Its very much appreciated xx
For More info on current Fundraising - please check out my 2017 challenge page

Tribe - Run For Love

The TRIBE are back on it, for their next big fundraiser and challenge and they're offering the chance to join them to help raise £1,000,000 to help provide support for victims of trafficking.
The first Run for Love was a 1000 mile run in 2013 across Eastern Europe from Odessa to Dubrovnik, undertaken by TRIBE co-founders Guy, Rob and Tom and 250 others.
This year they return, for an equally hardcore mission to Run and Ride with up to 1000 people from Sarajevo to London across a series of unsupported stages to complete the 2000km mission. The website is open to register your interest to participate, with registration opening officially on the 20th January 2017.
I've been subscribing for TRIBE bars for the past 6 months and have joined them for several Tempo runs, as well as a Trail run in August and the recent Freedom Runs, earlier this month. They are a great team and very supportive to all levels of runners, so I've no doubt that they will put this new challenge together…

Braking Cycles

The year has been closing in for the past few weeks and December has brought shorter days, longer nights and some good times with friends and family. It also brings a time to look back and review where you have come from and what the road ahead looks like.
The year started with a need to change. A change in outlook, appearance, size, shape and fitness levels - all at the time spurred by the intention to win back the ruler of my heart and to make myself nice to be with again. I had no idea how unwell I was becoming
By March I'd broken down, lost the plot and finally admitted to my GP that I needed help. It took a lot to ask for support, to be open with people who I feared may pull my world from underneath me, but once the door was open I realised they had my back more than I had ever expected.
For years I have been told that I am a strong person, a strong woman. The term "strong", though intended as figure of speech to empower, was also a phrase that baffled and frustrat…

Beyond the Bus Stop - Playlist

Over the last year I have been collecting tunes that keep my feet falling in front of each other, or to make the legs keep pedalling. These tunes have been shoved onto an ongoing and changing playlist, but after months of listening to a lot of them, a lot of times, I've cut out the real duffers and kept the better ones.. 
Now I know, musical choice is a very subjective thing, but hopefully you can appreciate some of them. It's not designed to be played as listed.. Get your Spotify settings to give you a 6 second fade, stick it on shuffle, take your butt out the house, put your headphones in > Run the fast ones, slide the funky ones, give us some Jazz hands for the pop songs!
Beyond the Bus Stop is...
A collection of new and old EDM, Garage, Deep House, Pop, Break Beat, Funk and Turbo Boosters to get you moving on bikes or feet.. 4.5 hours of shuffle-ready, non mixed, up-beat tunes to help you keep moving forward.. Expect girly vocals, piano breaks, squidgy bass and the odd…

Making Changes - Keeping Focused

Yesterday I was given a bit of advice to take it slow, to look after myself - I made my excuses for why I was buzzing along on hyper drive.. but I listened.. I felt ashamed and stupid for being pulled up on it, but I took note of the good words and intentions and tried to take it on board.
It's easy to keep getting lost in keeping busy. But busy times and busy minds don't help in the long run, as you just keep putting off the inevitable thinking time, by filling your days with stuff. Stuff that is often worthwhile, but ultimately stops you dealing with the problems you are running towards or away from. The tunnel vision of working and training for distant adventures and challenges can be both a help and an invisibility blanket.
Today I left the bike at home and tried to take the train and have a rest day.. it kind of worked. I got the DLR, arrived at Canning Town, stood on the Jubilee line platform with what felt like a million people, let 3 packed trains leave the platform w…

Cycling Angels

Cycling Angels is a documentary about the Xin-Yi children's shelter in the Yun-Lin County of Taiwan, whose residents and organisers, from 6 years old and upwards, undertake their annual 1200 mile bike tour.
Though initially criticised for attempting to take the children on this highly challenging route, the film documents their annual mission of empowerment on 2 wheels and the determination of those participating in this 14 day tour.

It's definitely given me some inspiration and a few dusty eyed moments xx
Cycling Angels from Gazing Element on Vimeo.

TRIBE Freedom Runs - East London

This weekend there are multiple Freedom Runs and Rides taking place across the UK, to raise money for UNSEEN who are working to end Human Trafficking. Every Hour throughout the weekend, a 10k run or 40k bike ride is setting off nationwide, to help raise £10,000 for the charity that works to prevent trafficking within the UK and to support victims
I'll be joining the East London Run which is leaving from the London Aquatic Centre, in the Olympic Park. For more info on this run, please check out the FB page here
Or more importantly, to help raise funds, please check the Just Giving page below xx
Beating the morning drizzle with the TRIBE.. great run from Stratford guys - hope the other runs and rides go well this weekend xx #Repost @the_tribe_way ・・・ Manchester. Stratford. London. Freedom Runs are OFF! 40 TRIBE Ambassadors will set off leading 1000 🚴 and 🏃nationwide to fundraise for TRIBE for Good…

Brighter Days - Winter Sun

Some days are just full of hope, good news, happy vibes and make the world seem smaller, full of love and like the good guys might actually win.
It might be the early morning sun on my trip through the park to work. It could be the giant number of endorphins gathered on yesterdays run. It might just be that this Monday is a winner and I'm a stupidly lucky lady. Either way - it's days like this that remind me why you have to keep trying, challenging yourself and putting yourself outside of your comfort zone.
Yesterday, my friend and trainer Vicky helped me through my longest running session.. ever. Not just a "this year" distance, but an "all time ever in my life", longest session of 28km / 18.6 miles. Whatever you want to call it, I managed to get around through a mixture of run, walk, chin wag, coffee break - but all in all, we got around. Am so glad to have made it to this stage and am feeling loads happier and confident that its realistic to be able to …

Time to Listen

Over the past months I have slowly been recovering from a bad dip and though I was lucky enough to access counselling during the worst period, I have been looking around for better understanding of my diagnosis. I have definitely benefitted from a sharp increase in cycling and running, but along my way I have accessed online help from a range of sources.
When you are as paranoid about being found seeking help, as you are with doing so, I started checking out a few Facebook pages and advice groups that were full of strategies and reminders that I wasn't the only person being affected by this.
Since starting to become more open about my diagnosis, I have found most people are keen to know more about how to help or understand the barriers faced by people affected by Mental Health issues. Many sites also offer assistance for people indirectly affected, advice for friends and family being needed as well as those of us who are unwell.
I have listed a bunch of video's and pages whic…