Mindful Movement Club

Yesterday was the first outing of a new community, the Mindful Movement Club, which is part of the Chasing Lights Collective, headed up by Captain Chevy Rough. I'm super proud to be the new community captain and although was a little worried about the potential for losing 20+ people in the forest, we all came away with smiles and good vibes

Meeting up at Buckhurst Hill Tube station, we headed up to Epping Forest for a walk up to High Beach and a mid way cuppa, before returning back to a mixture of Loughton or Buckhurst Hill stations. Some of us brought maps, some people bought cake.. we all shared conversations
and smiles. We casually covered 17km over about 4 hours and wound our way through the forest, enjoying the chance to wander slowly through loads of lush green trails and mostly avoided the rain.

The MMC will hope to meet monthly at different locations, to take things down a notch, making time to take in the view and explore. If you'd like to join us, keep an eye on our Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/mindfulmovementclub
or check out the events on the Chasing Lights Collective Facebook page

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