Tribe - Run For Love

The TRIBE are back on it, for their next big fundraiser and challenge and they're offering the chance to join them to help raise £1,000,000 to help provide support for victims of trafficking.

The first Run for Love was a 1000 mile run in 2013 across Eastern Europe from Odessa to Dubrovnik, undertaken by TRIBE co-founders Guy, Rob and Tom and 250 others.

This year they return, for an equally hardcore mission to Run and Ride with up to 1000 people from Sarajevo to London across a series of unsupported stages to complete the 2000km mission. The website is open to register your interest to participate, with registration opening officially on the 20th January 2017.

I've been subscribing for TRIBE bars for the past 6 months and have joined them for several Tempo runs, as well as a Trail run in August and the recent Freedom Runs, earlier this month. They are a great team and very supportive to all levels of runners, so I've no doubt that they will put this new challenge together well too.

I'm hoping to join them for either Stages 3 and / or 4 on the ridden sections of the challenge, but am waiting to check out the road guides and see what's achievable. For more info on the Run for Love 2 and to register your interest, please check out their website

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