Time to Listen

Over the past months I have slowly been recovering from a bad dip and though I was lucky enough to access counselling during the worst period, I have been looking around for better understanding of my diagnosis. I have definitely benefitted from a sharp increase in cycling and running, but along my way I have accessed online help from a range of sources.

When you are as paranoid about being found seeking help, as you are with doing so, I started checking out a few Facebook pages and advice groups that were full of strategies and reminders that I wasn't the only person being affected by this.

Since starting to become more open about my diagnosis, I have found most people are keen to know more about how to help or understand the barriers faced by people affected by Mental Health issues. Many sites also offer assistance for people indirectly affected, advice for friends and family being needed as well as those of us who are unwell.

I have listed a bunch of video's and pages which I started to watch and follow, which I think have been beneficial to me over the past year. If you are looking for assistance I would always recommend visiting your GP, but I also found the information on these pages to be a useful part of my self help.

Please Note: If you are in a dark phase and you subscribe to all Facebook pages listed, it can skew your timeline into being totally focussed on the down times.. Make sure you check your friends are as much in your newsfeed as these pages, as the 'helpful' Facebook function may just start suggesting everything you want to read is related to Mental Health.. I found this wasn't a good thing, so unfollowed a few, to get a more realistic mix of info on a daily basis.

Facebook Pages and Groups with Useful Information

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