Beyond the Bus Stop - Playlist

Over the last year I have been collecting tunes that keep my feet falling in front of each other, or to make the legs keep pedalling. These tunes have been shoved onto an ongoing and changing playlist, but after months of listening to a lot of them, a lot of times, I've cut out the real duffers and kept the better ones.. 

Now I know, musical choice is a very subjective thing, but hopefully you can appreciate some of them. It's not designed to be played as listed.. Get your Spotify settings to give you a 6 second fade, stick it on shuffle, take your butt out the house, put your headphones in > Run the fast ones, slide the funky ones, give us some Jazz hands for the pop songs!

Beyond the Bus Stop is...

A collection of new and old EDM, Garage, Deep House, Pop, Break Beat, Funk and Turbo Boosters to get you moving on bikes or feet.. 4.5 hours of shuffle-ready, non mixed, up-beat tunes to help you keep moving forward.. Expect girly vocals, piano breaks, squidgy bass and the odd dirty riff xx

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