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The Badger Declined: Lochs, Chocs and Beaches

  I started riding with the Bicycle Adventure club last Summer (2021), after riding into town to meet the group on their Pride Ride in Birmingham city centre. I was going to be too late to join the ride, but I needed to meet some cycling friends and I was pretty sure I could cycle into town with enough time to join their social part of the evening. As a natural home bear and a bit anxious about meeting 'new people' I am so glad I got passed my nervous faffing, as this choice was one of the best decisions I have made for many years. The Bicycle Adventure Club, has been gathering together people to join or watch their travels, as they tackle routes across the UK, based primarily around the Midlands. Sarah has been holding a series of workshops this last year too , but that's a whole extra blog post for later. Their YouTube Channel has gathered together many videos of their adventures, which is how I initially got to know of the group, then later finding them and following t

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