Fresh Start.. New Kicks.. New Tricks

Just after my bike accident in 2017, I had a month off work recovering from concussion and dizzy spells, but had loads of time on my hands for researching fitness instructor training while I completed a handful of online nutrition courses. I signed up to begin training as a PT, but life, work and other beasts got in the way.. until February of this year, when I got a call from the training company, wanting to ensure I completed the course.

So for the past 4 weeks, I have been spending my weekends in South Quay, Canary Wharf, back in a classroom with a group of 10 other would be PT's each working through Anatomy, Principles of Fitness and learning how to build programmes of workouts. It's been hard work but its been a wonderful thing to learn, as well as hanging out with such a good bunch of people.

I arrived on my first day, about 20 years older than most of the class, a lot wider, a lot less fit.. We did a practical session at the end of 1st morning and ashamedly I was asked to demo a press up and struggled to complete 3.. I'd arrived home from a work trip in LA the week before and still groggy from the flight, but that's still a shit excuse.. I felt stupid at my lack of ability but also incredibly determined not to be so shockingly shit at this any longer.. The buttons had been pressed, I was not going to let myself down again. 

Whilst I felt bad at my lack of muscles then, ashamed of my ageing unfit body, over the weeks I have seen our group develop into a strong collective of people with different strengths and experiences. All who have grown and benefitted from meeting each other and taking this course together. There's something great about hanging out with 20-30 year olds for 2 days a week when you're a 44 year old mum.. It makes me want to try harder and it makes me glad to know that we all have valid reasons for being there and different experiences to share and to learn from.

There's also a lot of @notestostrangers in the area, which give me a little lift each time I head to the gym on course days. Way more per square mile than I've seen previously, but it may just be that I am getting better at spotting them all. I found a golden one on Sunday, which was well timed to give me a chuckle on the way to my assessment for Level 2. 'Fuck It, is a Fear Antidote' was exactly the quote I needed to take the nerves off and relax me a little.

So since I started, I've been given the kick up the arse that I needed.. I've begun doing free weights and body weight exercises at home each morning.. I have started planning my training for running in the Atlas Mountains in October.. A 20 week countdown has begun and I've started to enjoy running again.. With the first section of our course complete, my Level 2 Fitness Instructor exam passed this weekend, we're starting our Level 3 Personal Trainer section, over the next 4 weeks.

Of the lessons learned so far, I think I appreciate most:
It's never too late to learn new tricks.. 
It's great to go to class and not do everything online..
It's good to meet new people and to learn from one another

Looking forward to seeing where the next 4 weeks take us all xx

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