New Year - New Plans

Well it's the end of the running year and after xmas celebrations with the Chasing Lights and Track East crews, I completed the hat trick today with a last rainy run around Hyde Park with the Junk Mile Runners.. A casual 6.5km jog followed with a trip out for Pizza and a beer.

There is definitely a running club for every type of runner in this city, but this past year I have been really stoked to have met so many really good people along the way, all via the medium of sneakers or through the turning of wheels.

I've got a few events lined up next year so far, but while thinking about what would be more useful to anyone planning to run or ride next year, I thought I'd make up a calendar for 2018 to share.. Thanks to everyone for the support this year - without which it would not have been possible - you can right click to download and print yourself a copy here

Much Love - Soph xx

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