Post Paris Melt Downs

So it's nearly a month since Paris Marathon and I haven't been able to run any miles on this side of it. I took a week off to rest my ankle, but this turned out to be an achilles issue and not the regular ankle injuries and arthritis I have been used to over the years. I kept walking on it, then a bit of midnight ninja work, but a lot of fun, until it eventually snapped back at me and reminded me who's boss. I am fully aware that my mind is unable to convince the pain to disappear on this occasion.

But, it's also forced me slow down a little and get my head in check. Nobody explained the post marathon insomnia, or prepared me for the past few weeks. My head has been really jumbled and I've found it really difficult to kick the blues, as my usual escape has been taken away, for a while at least. I have been really emotional, everywhere, a little paranoid and having big swings of low moods. I was in no way prepared for any of this, and its been hard work getting my head around it all.

I have focussed all year on this being the biggest event so far and the one where I would feel amazing at my accomplishment. I am really pleased, don't get me wrong, but the main thing which has struck me, is that this race didn't solve anything. It made me feel great for about 48 hours, then it dawned on me that there were loads more issues to get my head around.

So now I am out of the game for a little while until my heel is better, but am trying to get the mental jumble sorted and get the ankles ready for my next event in June. I have some training rides building up and some social rides with friends to look forward to, so just have to sit tight for a little while.

As I try to convince myself that it'll be okay and that I'm not the only person who feels this drop after the long training runs, and the months of full on marathon fever, I turn to the Angry Jogger for some no holds barred discussion on the post marathon shit-storm. He doesn't disappoint.

Only another few marathons to go this year.. I'll sort myself out and get back in the sneakers soon xx

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