Rest Time is the Best Time

Today has all been about getting ready to return to work and trying to take on board a few bits of advice, to help stay chilled. I've been meeting up with some of my old neighbours to go for long walks over the past few months. Its a great way for me to learn more about the city, explore and have a good long chat with friends. So far we have covered a few stretches of the Thames Path around East London and also a trip out to Shoeburyness, to walk along the coast back past Southend-On-Sea and Leigh-On-Sea. I prefer exercising outdoors rather than the gym, so having a long walk and a chat feels so much more grounding, than always motoring along.

That said, I ran to meet them today, so that I could cross off my 2nd day on the R.E.D. January challenge, while I was out of the house. As well as doing my R.E.D. runs this month, I have signed up to a 30 day intro from meditation and yoga tutor, Holiday Philips. There's still time to get involved too, as you can sign up via her site to receive links to her programme of YouTube videos. I don't really take enough time to book yoga or relaxed time into my routine, so I am hoping this will give me a new reason to form a pattern to do this.

Additionally our coach and founder of Chasing Lights Collective, Chevy Rough, has also started a 30 day conversation about the role of programming wellness and mindfulness into your training plans and lifestyle too. You can follow this via the Chasing Summit's FB page, with video episodes being added daily to youtube too.

So as my attempt to take on board their messages, I got myself ready to return to work tomorrow, putting the house in order and having a bit of slow time, digging out my sketch book for a long awaited doodle.. An activity which I have been putting off for so long. I really enjoyed it once I sat down and allowed myself some rest. I would love to get some more creative time back in my diary this year, getting my printing back on too.

I'd become very negative about my artwork over this past year and aside from a couple of paint jams, I'd pretty much bailed out of this altogether. Art is a very subjective thing and when you are feeling a bit shit about yourself, its easy to stop doing the stuff that you don't have faith in. With running I know I will get out as much as I put into it. It's pretty logical and scientific - I like that. You train well + look after yourself = you can run well and complete challenges. Art is completely different and when you are sensitive to how others perceive you and the work you create, its easy to hide and not do it, out of fear that you will be told it looks shit. I have really enjoyed going out with my brother this year, to help him on some huge pieces. It's given me inspiration to keep trying, but I need to not be down on myself and find time to doodle small for a while

Lately and gratefully I seem to be seeing less grey everywhere. I really felt today that I was running in colour again, like a weight had been lifted and I was able to allow myself to feel happy, be Soph and not be burdened with the anxiety or low residual stress. I hope this feeling lasts for a while, as it feels like months since I was in this head space.

Glorious Technicolor has returned and I want to keep it this way.. 
More sunshine, more colour, less stress, more rest xx

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